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•   LaVonne Karaba (White)  5/23
•   Gary Grode  5/23
•   William Mann  5/19
•   Dennis Demos (Demos)  5/17
•   Robert Kruschke  5/16
•   Thomas Wick  5/11
•   Gene Danielson  5/6
•   Susan Irzyk (Irzyk)  5/3
•   Michael Clancy  5/2
•   Alan Lass  5/2
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Bunny Raasch, WTMJ (?) just happened to stop and interview our party graduation night. Absolutely a big surprise she stopped in well into the party. There were some nice footage after she allowed us to clean up a few cans and bottles. A wonderful grad came to me after I got back from Vietnam. She sent me a check for some of the damage to my parents home because of the party. ie , my parents took all in stride. I can explain a lot later. She also sent a video showing a whole bunch of us dancing. If anyone has some power with local channel 4/6/12, is there an archive going back that far ????? - Gene Danielson


This is the 50th Reunion 

You Do Not Want to Miss!

Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019 

The Downtown Marriott 

323 E. Wisconsin Ave.

Registration Portal will launch soon. 


50th reunion - For ALL 1969 grads, January and June

Who? Our 50th Reunion is a celebration of January and June 1969 Classes.  Whether it was gym class, choir, French class, math, theater or shop, bus rides to the Annex, we built long-lasting relationships that knew no artificial separations of time.

Did your graduate early? Did you graduate late? Did you move away or not graduate at all? If you identify with the Class of 69, you belong at this reunion.

Where? The Downtown Marriott: 323 East Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee. The hotel is centrally located for all the happenings downtown and at the lakefront. The free streetcar rides make it even easier to get around, especially as a stop will be right across the street from the hotel.

When? September 21, 2019

Cost? $80.00 a person. This includes a buffet dinner and music and seven hours' worth of reconnecting with fellow 69ers.


The outdoor athletic facilities in Sherman Park’s Washington High School are deteriorating and have fallen into disrepair. Help the students at WHS live up to their potential by giving them a safe place to practice, play and build life skills. 

Common Ground, helping to revitalize the Sherman Park area, has a goal of raising $500,000 towards this improvement – and every dollar raised will be MATCHED by Milwaukee Public Schools*.

You can help restore these facilities and continue the legacy of positive change for Purgolders of today – and tomorrow!

Click here to DONATE


The current facilities are unusable
– Girls soccer practice is frequently canceled because the field is flooded
– Track and field athletes can’t use their spikes on the current walkway
– The outdoor basketball equipment hasn’t been replaced in decades
– Every day, track and field athletes are losing an hour of practice time due to travel to other locations

Repairing the field will…
– Allow students to participate in athletics at their own school
– Foster a multi-generational outdoor recreation space for thousands of students and community members
– Increase public safety and send a message that the neighborhood matters
– Continue to foster the Sherman Park neighborhood revitalization Common Ground has created 

The Washington Informer You can find out what students are currently doing and learning at the school.  There are also several pages on the alumni included in each of these issues. To get any issues back to 2011, click on the menu in the right hand corner to check some of those out.  


Welcome to the Washington High School Class of 1969- Did you graduate early? Did you move to another school? Did you drop out? All are welcome to join our site.

To join this web site, go to the "Classmate Profiles" tab, click on your name, and fill out the information. When completing your profile, be sure to indicate if you want your information available to other classmates. You’re now all set.

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