Who's came to our 50th?

We though you might like to see who is attending our combined reunion on Saturday night, Sept. 21, at the Marriott, so listed below are those who have registered. This is also a way for you to see that your check is no longer in the mail, but in our pockets. If you registered, but haven't paid, this is a reminder to send yours in. 

And, If you haven't done either....IT'S NOT TOO LATE!

Register here. Your friends want to see you!

Judy Wanichek Adams

Pamela Anderson

Nora Culbert Barton

Mary Batt

Christine Biller

Jocelyn Boor

Ron Bowers

Jackie Bowers

Greg Braun

Steve Breidenbach

Karen Breidenbach

Ed Carufel

Michael Clancy

Cindy Clancy

Debbie Rozansky Colodny

Chuck Colodny

Stephanie Ison Cook

Kenneth Cook

Tom D'Alessio

Gene Danielson

Bonnie Danielson

Wendy Dittman

Linda Schaefer Durrenberg

Roy Durrenberg

Peggy Stasinopoulos Dynicki

Loren Farr

 Lynn Gurich Des Jardins.

Patricia Haefele Fitzwater

Patrick Fratrick

Karen Geis

Cheryl Wendorf Gitter

Jane Pitman Gosnell

Holly Kvasnicka Gustafson

Colleen McCaigue Holub

Neil Hootkin

Mark Johnson

Maribeth Kalmer

George Keehn

Judy Lowe King

Mary Janz Kocovsky

Estrella Star Gutierrez Kolda

Dennis Kolda

Bob Kraut

Lucy Kraut

Doreen Hinz Kruepke

Bob Kruschke

Sally Kruschke

Alan Lass

Grant Lubin

Betty Davidson Lubin

Karen Luedcke Lukomski

Hope Hatley Marusic 

Susan Seefeldt Mayott 

Colleen McCaigue-Holub

Ron Newell

Don Newell

John Oakland

Diane Degenhardt Oakland

John Olson

Cindy Boetcher Parkansky

Jeffrey Parkansky

Bill Porter

Pat Radmer

Margaret Radmer

Julie Ravely

Donna Horowitz Richards

Steve Richards

Susie Marsho Rosenow

Jim Rosenow

Dawn Harmon Schaefer

Phil Schoeller

Stefanie Schoeller

John Schroeter

Hector Sectzer

Michael Slutzky

Jeff Steren

Jody Sussman Steren

Dave Stirt

Priscilla Tararsky

Harley Tatarsky

Debby Tewes

Suzanne Walfoort

Jeanne Searing Walsh

Jim Wirth

Art Wolter

Lynne Wolter

Barbara Garncarz